If you are looking for a carrier with a difference then your search ends at Cathay Pacific. They offer state of the art services that will make your flying experience truly out of this world. Cathay Pacific booking process is very easy and you will face no issues when booking a ticket. Moreover, there are a lot of different ways that you can use to book a ticket.

Make Your Cathay Pacific Flight Booking Easy:-

Use The Power Of The Internet

If you are able to fully harness the power of the internet then the sky is your limit. You can visit various travel blogs and websites to gather more information about the destination or the kind of flight that you might want to catch. It all boils down to how deep the knowledge you want to gather. Making the best Cathay Pacific Reservation can often be tricky so its always better to start your research early

Know When To Book

You might want to make reservations as fast as your plans are made but if you will be patient then you can save yourself quite a bit of money. According to surveys, the Start of the month is a time when a lot of bookings are made but towards the end of the month a lot of cancellations do take place. You should keep a close watch on price trends and book accordingly

Take Advantage Of Promotional Schemes

With a decent bit of solid research, you can discover various promotional coupons that are offered by different companies. You might have to go through a bunch of coupons but trust us it will all be worth it. You can get a massive discount on your Cathay Pacific reservations if you take this step.

Talk To Travel Consultants

If you are confused as to how to book your Cathay Pacific Airlines ticket then you can talk to experts who will you out. Travel consultants are professionals who have in-depth knowledge about everything related to travel and ticket booking. They can help you with hotel and car rentals. If you need local weather information or on-ground assistance then they can hook you up.

Use Frequent Flier Miles

If you have racked up lots of frequent flier miles then you can use them to make your Cathay Pacific flight reservation almost for free. You should use your credit cards judiciously so you can end up saving the most amount of frequent flier miles. Apart from using it to book tickets, you can also use them to free upgrades like lounge access.

Call Cathay Pacific Reservations Number

You can call on +1-833-907-1548 to connect to Cathay Pacific reservations number and book your tickets directly. The people who man the helpline are both knowledgeable and helpful. The wait time on this helpline is very less. The line is operational 24*7 and is also toll-free. The toll-free nature of the helpline ensures that you don’t need any money if you need to connect with Cathay Pacific.


Does Cathay Pacific Have Online Checking Facility?

You can visit the Cathay Pacific website in order to check-in online. You can also use the online checking facility if you flying on our Dragon flights. If you are flying Cathay Pacific then you also check in to connecting flights of different airlines. If you need more information about the check-in process then you can visit the online check-in section on the official Cathay pacific website. By using Cathay Pacific Booking features like seat selection and meal selection you can have more enjoyable flying experience.

What Are The Primary Hubs Of Cathay Pacific?

The main hub of Cathay Pacific is the Hong Kong international airport. The company also has lots of codeshares and joint ventures with other companies in the world. You will also find their airport lounges in all major airports around the world.

What Is The Baggage Policy Followed By Cathay Pacific?

Economy passengers are generally allowed to have just one bag and a small personal item. The total weight of the said bag should not be more than 7kgs. Business-class passengers can carry up to 10kgs of luggage. The allowance may change without prior information so before making a Cathay Pacific flight booking you are advised to check with the airline.

What Is The Fleet Size Of Cathay Pacific?

We are pleased to inform that Cathay Pacific has a huge fleet. They also have a number of small private aircraft to better serve their customers. The main aircraft are the new wide-body Airbus A330, Airbus A350, and Boing 777s. You will fly out in class if you book Cathay Pacific. So go ahead get your Cathay Pacific booking done today. 

Which Are The Major Tourist Destinations That Are Covered By Cathay Pacific?

A lot of areas in south Asia are covered. Countries like India, China and Philippines have major coverage. All the major cities in Europe like London and Munich are covered. The same goes for all the major cities in North America eg. Toronto and Los Angeles. To reach all these fabulous destinations, make Cathay Pacific Online Booking a priority.

We are hopeful that after exploring all the above-mentioned solutions you will be able to streamline for Cathay Pacific Flight Booking. If you run into any problem then please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you out. Another great thing about flying Cathay Pacific is that you get lots of free upgrades and discounts which will make your flying experience fabulous.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Business Class Flight Review

List Of Cathay Pacific Airlines International Telephone Number

Country Toll-Free Number
Bahrain 800 04403
India 000 800 852 1290
Indonesia 001 803 852 2212
Italy 800 872 726
Netherlands 080 0022 4229
Saudi Arabia 800 885 2008
South Africa 080 098 1589
Sri Lanka (011) 242 2209
Turkey 008 008 529 2219
United Arab Emirates 8000 8520 2816
CityToll-Free NumberFax NumberEmail Address
Abu Dhabi8000 444 6554[email protected]
Adelaide1800 687 509
Ajman8000 444 6554[email protected]
Al Ain8000 444 6554[email protected]
Amman962 (6) 5605061
Argentina54 (11) 5274 1600[email protected]
Athens30 210 3274 985/986[email protected]
88 (02) 890 1785, +880 17 1403 176688 (02) 890 1795dac#[email protected]
Bahrain16548924[email protected]
91(80)66784318[email protected]
Bogota57 320 275 3734gsa#[email protected]
Brisbane1800 129 264[email protected]
Brussels0800 81871
Cairns1800 129 264
Chennai91(44)2256-6072[email protected]
& Dhaka
880 2 9846801 ext 140-143[email protected]
Damascus963 (11) 222 8155[email protected]
Delhi91(11)49638311/12/13[email protected]

001-803-852-9072 / 007-803-852-9072
jkt#[email protected]
[email protected]
Doha974 44458318/19[email protected]
Dubai8000 444 6554[email protected]
Dublin1 800 812113 (toll free)[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Frankfurt0800 – 7244208[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Fukuoka092-477-0344[email protected]
2 362-8018
[email protected]
& Quito
5934 2689150[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hong Kong852 2747-3333
Hyderabad91(40)66605790[email protected]
Islamabad92 (21) 3521 8081[email protected]
Istanbul0090 212 2192123[email protected]
[email protected]
Jakarta62 (21) 550-7096jkt#[email protected]
[email protected]
Jeddah8008 440 350[email protected]
Jeju82 (64) 749 8701
Karachi92 (21) 3521 8081GSA#[email protected]
Kathmandu(1) 444 4820ktm#[email protected]
Khobar852 2747 3344[email protected]
Kolkata91(33)25118704ccu#[email protected]
Kuwait965 22461280/1
Larnaca357 2400 8875GSA#[email protected]
Lebanon961(1) 510656GSA#[email protected]
Maldives960 3315366
Medan(61) 836-750-9468
Melbourne1800 129 264
Milan800971720[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mumbai91(22)66859002 / 66859003[email protected]
Muscat968 24789832[email protected]
locations of India
Paris33 (0)1 8403 0254[email protected]
[email protected] & [email protected]
Perth1800 129 264[email protected]
Phnom Penh1800-209-783[email protected]
Prague420 (234) 723210[email protected]
Ras Al Khaimah8000 444 6554[email protected]
Riyadh8008 440 350[email protected]
Rome39 06 833 9 4444[email protected]
San Jose506 2257 5745[email protected]
San Salvador507 301
[email protected]
Santiago56 (2) 2754-6875
Sao Paulo(55) 11 4371-0443[email protected]
Seoul82 (32) 744-6770[email protected]
sel#[email protected]
Siem Reap1800-209-783
(31) 869-0821
Sydney1800 687 195
Tel Aviv972 3 798 7676[email protected]
TLV#[email protected]
TLV#[email protected]
Toronto1 (800) 268-6868
Vancouver1 (800) 268-6868
Vienna43 (1) 585 2742GSA#[email protected]
Zagreb381 11 2631 327

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    No llegó el equipaje de mi hijo, en su vuelo CX del 15 de Enero desde Beijing-Hong Kong-Nueva York (0160CX697678) Su destino final fue Santiago de Chile (camino de la Laguna 14188 casa A). Favor hacer llegar a la brevedad. Gracias


    How may I speak (US tel. #) to someone re information on a previous flight I have taken?

  • Kieu Thuy Hoa says:

    When I make a booking, I get my email address wrong. So now I want to change my registered email address. What should i do? And can you help me?

  • bob delahoussaye says:

    How much is the cancellation fee to
    refund the ticket?

  • Stanley Eliseeff Jr. says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Good day! Iam planning to travel back to the Philippines this November from the USA. My wife and I are Filipinos. My wife’s passport will expire by April 2019 yet. Will this be an issue of getting a boarding pass with Cathay Pacific. Will we be allowed to board for the flight back home.

    Hoping for your prompt response.
    Than you.

    Stan Eliseeff

  • Dear sir/ Madam

    I am looking an cathay pacific airlines office and the contact phone number in the Netherlands to book airticket directly.

  • Impossible to reach Cathay help desk in the US. Their US 1800 # is useless as it can get. 45min and no response~

  • i want to know the baggage policy like how many kg checked in baggage is allowed and unchecked baggage. if want to add more what are the slots and their charges and how many hours prior can we add this to the departure in airport or call center.

    • 1800numbers says:

      You can read Cathay Pacific baggage policy in the last paragraph of this page.

  • Gloria Moreno Fontes says:

    I cannot access my gmail account and need to check on ticket confirmation of trip Abidjan to New York on 19th December.

  • Ann Reilly says:

    Hi, I just realized I put Mr. instead of Ms. on my booking. Is this a problem or can I go ahead and check in online? My name and birth details are correct.
    I am flying tomorrow morning 12.10 from Gwangju to Jeju

  • HARINATH.G says:

    MY CONTACT NUMBER-9995293514.

  • Shmaya Hindi says:

    Good afternoon.
    I flew to Ukrina on the 9th of September to the 13th of September through your airline.
    My flight was delayed by 4 hours. I arrived at the airport very early in the morning and waited for a very long time before boarding my flight.
    I did not prepare myself for it. I am very disappointed.
    I want a refund.

    Please contact me.

  • Atta Rehman says:

    we bought ticket but didn’t confirmation mail why ?


    your no 1800-2332742 is terrible I am holding for 40 minutes no answer.

  • Bonnie MacLennan says:

    Hi , I just noticed that my ticket has my name incorrectly spelled. I leave on Sept. 12, to Rome. It was ordered April 2, 2018.
    Please get back to me ASAP.
    Thank you
    Bonnie Maclennan

  • Scapini Luca says:

    How can I pay for an excess baggage ? I’ve booked a flight from Madrid to Trinidad (round- trip) and I need to add a baggage. I’ve seen on your website that it’s 100 euros for the third baggage (23Kg). How can I pay for it ? Can I pay before or only at the airport ?
    Please, let me know about it. Thank you

  • I found a ticket i’d like to buy however on one of the arrival times it shows +1, I was wondering why this is?? Could you please let me know asap, would be appreciated. Thank you.


    by means of this message I want to inform you that there is a problem for my two grandchildren traveling I want to cancel the reservation of these two minors since the problem that can not travel is presented
    please can you cancel this two

  • piyush agrawal says:



Contact Airline +1-833-907-1548