Phoenix American Warranty Company, Inc. Phone Number

Phoenix American Warranty Company, Inc. Phone Number

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  • This insurance is a joke. My daughter’s father got her a car in his name and when the repair shop tried to find the warranty with the vin number. There was no warranty. Had three different repair shop looking for the warranty. Had to threaten a law with the dealer to find out who the warranty was with. Finally find that out to and now they will not replace the money that I spent on repairs because the bills have to be in the fathers name because he is the only one on the warranty. He doesn’t live in the same town. They will not state what is covered under the warranty and they didn’t even put the warranty in the system. It has taken me 6months and three car repairs. Just like having no warranty.

  • Called 3 times trying to get booklet stating what is and is not covered. Spoke aith Chanta. She said she physically mailed it herself. Still never received it. Rating: 1

  • Master Technician says:

    Customer brought vehicle in with complaint. Phoenix made it very difficult to repair vehicle properly; did not want to cover all necessary parts. Sure enough repair failed due to failure one of the parts that were not authorized to be replaced ($35 part). When other “covered” items were found to have failed, they tried every trick in the book to avoid having to pay out for the complete repair. “We will pay for this but not that.” They even tried to deduct costs from the previous repair to pay out on this one. Not only would they not accept responsibility for their negligence, they lied and claimed that we never informed them of the parts required. Stay away from this company, you will most likely not get a quality repair if this is your warranty company. They cut corners and try to save money inappropriately and ultimately it will be at the customer’s expense.

  • This company’s a scam. My car has been broken down since April and has been inspected a few times and still sitting there.

  • I ran into some problems with my vehicle and since I do not have the exact idea of what my auto warranty covers, I called up the Phoenix American warranty customer service. The guy on the phone told me that the service was under warranty but they will have to check on it first. It took them two days to check and service my car which I did not mind and got all the problems fixed. It was a real pleasure doing business with Phoenix America warranty.