American Express Phone Number

American Express Phone Number

With over 110 million active American Express (Amex) credit card users in the world, the American express is the 17th  most popular company in the world according to the ‘ Fortune’ magazine. The company had a share of 22.9% of the dollar transactions that happened in the US in 2016. Due to its immense dedication towards the protection of interests of its customers, Amex has earned a place in the hearts of its users.

The four types of cards that Amex offers to its customers, which  are the Green card, Gold card, Platinum card and the Centurion cards, are extremely popular amongst the users for the perks they bring along with them. Moreover, Amex provides the best customer services in the market. The customer service staff of Amex is not only available twenty-four hours a day but are even incentivized to be very nice to the customers, and you will always find them willing to forgive your late fees or to give you rewards points to correct perceived issues.


The benefits of using American Express credit cards are enormous. Some of the most important benefits of having an American Express credit card are as follows:

  • CARRY YOUR CREDIT HISTORY: American Express is the only credit card company that provides you with the freedom to carry your credit history with you to other countries. This element gives an edge to American Express over other cards.
  • PURCHASE PROTECTION: If you are not satisfied with any of the products, you may feel free to contact Amex customer support executives through American Express helpline number 1-800-446-6307 and they will take care of all disputes with merchants. For products of lower prices which can’t be returned anymore, the entire amount is refunded by American Express.
  • EXCELLENT REWARD PROGRAMMES:  One of the most amazing benefits of having an American Express credit card is that if you buy something using the Amex card and unfortunately lose them, Amex will buy you the exact same item again.
  • MEMBERSHIP CURRENCY REWARD: American Express provides its users with the access to two of the best available currencies available for rewards, Starwood being one among them.
  • BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICE:  The customer services provided by Amex is undoubtedly better than that of any other company. Just dial American Express toll-free helpline number and American Express executives shall be at your service on all days of the week. To get your grievances addressed, just call American Express 1800 number 1-800-446-6307 and get in touch with their representatives.


In order to get any sort of help, be it about applying for a new card or about any dispute with the merchants or any other issue, feel free to call on the following American Express customer service numbers:



(toll-free within the U.S.)



(toll-free within the U.S.)



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  • Lance Cardinal says:

    I was trying to find a stolen cell phone, and some how got on to this site. this is not what I thought it was at all. I have contacted American Express and told them that I have Tried to phone your customer service to cancel my subscription since the second day of trying to find cell phone, but keep getting connected to a chat line.
    Please cancel subscription. Dec.12/2018
    Thank You.

  • I am very pleased with customer service from American express. I have been customer since 2014 and i rarely use my Amex card. What kept me an American Express customer all these years is because of the customer service. They really know how to make you feel very valuable and the special offers that they provide. I did face some issue one time when my phone number linked with the account stopped receiving notifications but the customer service helped me out and resolve the issue.