Best Web Browser For Mac & Windows 10

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Best Web Browser For Mac & Windows 10

We live the world of Internet. Nowadays, everything is done online from chatting to paying bills. It has made our lives easier. And to use internet, we need a medium. So the source that people use to search on internet is called as the Web browser. To be specific, it is a form of software that is used to call up websites or general documents and data, like images or PDF documents, and display them in an understandable manner.

There are a lot of browsers available in the market. From big to small, everyone is trying to achieve the topmost position. But when it comes to the best-suited Browser for your Personal computer i.e. Mac or Windows, it becomes very difficult to choose. In this article, we are going to talk about the best web browsers for both Mac and Windows 10. So let’s get started:

  1. Google Chrome:

Chrome was introduced in 2009 and since then it has received billions of users. This browser can be operated on both Mac and Windows 10.Because of this, it has become the most used web browser of all time. It is maintained by Google and known as one of the fastest browsers.

chrome browser

This browser has the best profile management feature which allows many people to use the same browser without getting their internet history and download history fused. Most importantly, Chrome comes with an ad-blocking tool which helps the user to block the annoying advertisements.

  1. Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox is another browser that is suited for both Windows 10 and Mac. In 2017, Firefox released its new version ’57 aka Quantum. It is way faster than the older versions and has given a tough competition to Chrome.

mozilla firefox

Firefox browser has many features like redesigned UI that attracted a lot of audiences. Unlike Chrome, Firefox somehow lacks in the private modefeature. Other than this, this browsers has many other features which will not disappoint you on the privacy basis. It comes with features like blocking in-browser cryptomining and disabling of tracking which makes it an alternative choice.

  1. Opera Mini Browser:

Opera was somehow the oldest web browser but after the introduction to Chrome, it got diminished. Recently, they have improved its user interface and that is why it is in our list of best Web browsers for Mac and Windows 10.

... best Web browsers for Mac and Windows 10. opera web browser

Earlier, Opera users were facing a problem of crypto jacking. Now, it has become much-needed for the people who have interest in crypto currencies. Opera also comes with a choice of personal news where you can get updated with the whole world. Like every other browser, Opera also supports cross-drive sync. This browser is no less than any other browser.

  1. Vivaldi Browser:

Vivaldi is new in the market as it is just 1 year old. This browser has many features that is why it is included in this list. This is supported by both Windows 10 and Mac. This browser is created by co-founders of Opera software.

vivaladi web browser

This browser comes with an adaptive UI which changes its color according to the color scheme of the website. It belongs to the same family of Opera that is why it has many same features like supporting the Chrome extensions. It also has the same sidebar on the left-hand side. But In contrast, it has a customization option for the tab bar, address bar, adding custom keyboard shortcuts, etc.

  1. Maxthon Browser:

Maxthon is one of the oldest browsers but earlier it was used as a browser for Windows. Now, it has developed its cloud version. This browser comes with the tools to capture videos from web pages, Ad-blocking tool, password manager, night mode and many more. Maxthon is known as one of the fastest browsers by housing 2 rendering engines like Trident and WebKit. All this makes it a good alternative for Firefox.


Thought, this browser is a little bit outdated, the developers regularly update Maxthon.

  1. Chromium:

Chromium is the open-source counterpart of Chrome. This is the main reason for putting it on our list. This browser has same features like Chrome. The main difference between the two is that Chromium comes with a blue-colored logo.

chromium browser

This browser tried hard to compete with Chrome but it failed. Though, it can still be operated on both Windows 10 and Mac.

Other than these, there are many other browsers that are only supported by either Windows 10 or Mac. So, here are some special mentions:

Web Browsers for Mac:

This browser can be used as an alternative to Chrome and Firefox. Though it is also available for Windows, Apple discounted it some years ago. This browser now can be used only in iOS and Mac. It comes with some amazing features like, ability to search tabs, picture-in-picture feature, reader view, iCloud sync, etc.

safari web browser

All the safari users can share their stuff using AirDrop without even leaving the browser. This browser might not have the best set of allowances, but it has got covered with all the useful and popular things.

This browser offers Mac users a control over their viewing preferences. Amazingly, it let their users change nearly any website’s appearance, i.e. you can change the color and font size. OmniWeb browser also comes with the Ad blockage feature.

omniweb webbrowser

Although OmniWeb browser is used by fewer people, it makes a great choice for the people who love to customize the things according to their liking. This specific browser can only be operated by the Mac users.

Web Browsers for Windows 10:

Microsoft released this browser to save the lost respect of their past master Internet Explorer. Now, Edge is one of the best browsers for windows 10. Here, you can set the tabs aside to make space for some new tabs, it provides an excess to bookmarks, downloads, and history. Edge also comes with an inbuilt Notes extension which can be very useful. It is very fast and responsive.

Microsoft Edge browser.

Torch Browser is best for the BitTorrent fans as it comes with the inbuilt torrent downloader. It comes with a media grabber tool where people can download any videos and audios from the internet. It also includes a music player so that people can source content from YouTube. Additionally, it also comes with a Torch Facelift feature which is used to change the theme of the Facebook profiles.

Torch Browser

Conclusion: These were some web browsers that can be used in both, Windows 10 and Mac. In this world of web browsers, people only choose the famous one. But there some lesser known browser should also worth giving a try. Depending on your needs and speed requirements, you choose from this list.

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