Dell Phone Number

Dell Phone Number

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  • it came preinstalled on my dell inspiron ive had about 6 months and 3 days ago it decided my internet wasnt safe i have two different wifi routers and a hot spot and they all different i cant connect to any of them. i paid $750 for my laptop and cant surf the web i am pissed and want the app off my computer. i cant get to the setting in mcafee app cause its suspended, cant erase it from my computer because i cant get on tne internet i cant change my firewall or antivirus settings because its controled by mcafee. Get this shit of my computer please windows defender is free and better then this crap. I tried everything before this message with no results so im sorry for the rudeness but this shit will piss you off to. Rating: 3

  • Myrna Richardson says:

    Not satisfied, the customer service either heyalk too fast or they speak in another language!!!!