Toshiba Phone Number

Toshiba Phone Number

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  • Georgiann Vail says:

    Toshiba laptops are great and I have always been using them. The laptop build is solid and I never faced any problems with the Toshiba laptops that I use. The usual problem like every other laptop brand, system running slow due to virus problems or resetting the laptop to factory settings, I let the Toshiba technical support do the work. They do it much faster and make it look so easy when they do it. the only problem that I have faced with all the previous and my present Toshiba laptops is the speakers. The speakers, you cant watch a movie or enjoy good music unless you plug in an external speaker. The only time you can actually hear the speakers is when you get a pop up message sound or a error message pop up sounds lol. all being said, I would still always use a Toshiba laptop because of the durability and great technical support.