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  • Mitchell Singer says:

    i am unable to access the website. i can log in and then 404 website not found appears.

  • George Holland says:

    I’m unable to get onto your website. Are you down?

  • John Morse says:

    Could not contact Christiancafe website after paying fee. No phone number for help given

  • allready have an account on, just want to know the plan & packages of christiancafe. thanks

  • Karen Paone says:

    I think someone I contacted using a false identity.Irish accent.Sounded too young on phone.Said he was from Newark not the shore.Very suspicious

  • Colleen Hester says:

    You all took $331 out of my checking account, and I remember checking the box saying that I did not want my account renewed. BTW, where is the phone number?

  • Elva Quintela says:

    Reporting a scam, They have taken $99 form my card and suspended my account,