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  • Hassan Abdullah says:

    Give been trying to cancel my one time subscription yet that has not been the case. Your company just withdrew $57.22 from my account and I request that it be replaced

  • DAMAR B. CUTTER says:

    [email protected] how did you get to my credit card # i am very up set please anwser me.

  • Joseph Jordan says:

    I want my money back your site doesn’t work

  • Zena Decker says:

    I canceled this refund my money back to me

  • Jeannette says:

    Can’t sign in

  • Marylee Blevins says:

    I only signed up to help a friend get in touch with a guy for 1 month for 2.99. I am getting charged 9.99 each month. 72 please cancel my membership.

  • Anna Plakas says:

    I would like to cancel my subscription.

  • James Dany says:

    A person called Olivia killed a girl she said with a stick

  • John Bunner says:

    A HIGHEST LEVEL PRIORITY I need support to end my subscriptions with all this dating sites. Including please cancel my subscriptions tonight please,

  • Please cancel my subscription with I am married I am satisfied.