AOL Mail Phone Number

AOL Mail Phone Number

America Online or AOL Mail is a free web-based email service provided by AOL, a division of Verizon Communications. The email client is one of the popular email service providers with millions of users around the world. AOL Mail offers you to easiest way to send/receive messages for both personal and business communications.

The web mail client offers a host of interesting features and functionalities to its users. It has an easy to use interface with all the tools for writing and sending messages clearly displayed on the home screen.AOL Mail also provides unlimited inbox storage capacity, so you don’t have to delete messages to make room for incoming emails. You can also custom create folders within your inbox to organize and store your emails.

It also has spam filters that automatically redirect spam emails to spam folders and phishing schemes to your trash folder. AOL also provides round the clock help and support to all its users. Customers can dial AOL Mail technical support number to get in touch with their expert technicians for comprehensive assistance.

Features of AOL Mail

Some of the distinguishing features of AOL Mail include:

  • Unlimited inbox storage capacity
  • Ability to upload multiple files at once, regardless of how many or how big the files are
  • Conversation view to group all emails from a single sender together and read them in chronological order 
  • An auto response or out-of-office response feature to let people know you can’t answer them right away
  • Trash and a spam folder to filter out junk and unwanted emails
  • An email calendar to set up alerts and reminders
  • A live chat feature to instantly connect with others 
  • 24X7 help and support via AOL Mail tech support number

Want to get started?

Need help getting started with AOL Mail? Have questions and queries that need to be resolved? Call AOL Mail Customer Service Number  and get in touch with their expert technicians. You can also dial AOL Mail 1800 helpline number in case you are facing issues while accessing your email client and need expert assistance. AOL experts are available 24X7 to provide you real time support for all your issues for smooth and uninterrupted communication.

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  • Hello please I really need your help I get this one Vanilla gift card on Friday and I can’t use it keep saying invalid and I can’t check my balance please kindly help me out

  • Camille Oliver says:

    Hi please can you tell me if there is a way of saving all me old emails to a stick/drive/computer to free up my mail space?

    Hope this makes sense. Please feel free to call me if it doesn’t .
    Kind Regards

  • i really fed up with aol customer service.

  • I tried plenty of time o get into my AOL account but it would not let me sign in, it will not accept my password. I want to reset my password. I have send in for a password reset request and provided 2 email accounts, but have not received the email from you to reset it.

  • Darrickwek says:

    I need help with my email login. it will not accept my password. and i donot use the old phone number anymore to send me the reset code

  • Patrickae says:

    i am not able to delete my spams mails or select mails in bulk. is my account hacked? i have changed the password but i am still not able to do anything

  • MariaChawn says:

    My email suddenly stopped working, I tried reconfigure the account, but didn’t work. I am not receiving emails since last 3days, Can you please help me?

  • RobertFup says:

    enviable site Jarle Thorsen Unaico SiteTalk

  • Trying to log in on my aol mail login! Came back saying someone is using from another location! So clearly aol mail isn’t safe to use! You can’t even use same password! I’m constantly told to change the password!

  • I have an old email account with aol mail with many important things but i am not able to login to my account. I have tried searching for aol mail help but there is no way to get in contact with them. There is no email help available