Yandex Mail Phone Number

Yandex Mail Phone Number


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  • Richard Michael West says:

    since the 7/5/20 no mail has been accepted from megg***[email protected] to my yandex account, megg***[email protected], i have reset the switch to on, but am still advised problem with yahoo transfer, on checking this is ok, tried adding an additional account meg***[email protected] following instructions to check and turn on imap access, all ok but still yandex claims not able to connect, can you help? regards mick west

  • Access temporarily restricted

  • Raj K Thapa says:

    Dear sir/ Madam
    I have a website name which is not open in russia.I try to submit Yandex webmaster but my verification shows failed. kindly look after this issue, why I’m facing this issue.

  • Hello.
    We are setting a domain records on yandex.
    How can i fix.
    Domain confirmed
    MX records for this domain have not been set up.