First American Home Warranty Claim Phone Number

First American Home Warranty Claim Phone Number

First American Home Warranties and Renters Insurance policy gives renters all valuable protections to help shield home sellers and owners against significant losses related to harm to their house, or the expenses involved with fixing or removing house services and equipment.

First American Home Buyers Insurance is the largest supplier of residential guarantees, with a market leader’s expertise and energy. They give homeowners and residence sellers insurance from expensive maintenance and upgrades on the critical systems and equipment of their homes across a wide network of pre-screened and trained consultants and technicians delivering service.

All about Home Warranty

The First American home guarantee is an extended fixed service plan that covers the equipment and products in a household from unforeseen costs of maintenance or removal due to a malfunction. Homeowners insurance usually will not provide for technical problems, so a home warranty will help fill the gap. We have been a specialist on home warranties for over 35 years. 

Why pick First American Home Warranty?

When it comes to choosing a particular home warranty plan for your residence you have many options available in the market. But what you are looking for might not be available with anyone and everyone. Some may offer you great deals but their services might be not up to the mark. First American Home Warranty has been grown by leaps and bound and has been acclaimed by many customers. It has been serving the clients over three decades, which makes it the eligible home warranty provider for you to choose. 

In case you are not satisfied with this then the below-mentioned services available with First American Home Warranty might interest you in the benefits:

Experience and stability you can trust

As mentioned above, First American Home Warranty has been serving for 35 years that makes them a trustworthy brand and you cannot doubt it to be some shady company. It has been trusted and acclaimed by 98 percent of its customers claiming that the company is great with the service and they will recommend it further.

The network of experienced and qualified technicians

Once you sign for the First American Home Warranty Contract you will be dealing with highly skilled technicians that have gained immense experience in the field and are best at their jobs. At First American Home Warranty they only entertain professional and trained representatives so as to satisfy the needs of their customers to their best. 

If First American Home Warranty can’t repair it, they will replace it

There are times when the issue raised by the customer is out of the hands of the technicians as well. In such cases, the company will not disappoint you by moving a step back rather they will assure you to fix your issue by replacing the problematic component. It is as simple as A, B, C for them that in case First American Home Warranty will not be able to repair it, they will replace it.

First American Home Warranty Customer Service

As stated above that the service provided by the company has been acclaimed by many customers as they allow their clients to request service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They will be available for you at any time and anywhere of the year. The professionals at First American Home Warranty Customer Service are available for their customers always.

Flexible payment options

First American Home Buyers Protection feature available at the First American Home Warranty Customer Service helps the buyers to make payments according to their preference as the company allows multiple modes of payments. The customer has the flexibility to make the payment as per their convenience. 

Wondering what will repairs and replacements cost without having First American Home Warranty?

It is normal for any customer to think that going for a house warranty plan is not mandatory until they know what they might be saving on purchasing the First American Home Insurance. For instance, the breakdowns occur when you least anticipate them and the expense of home maintenance or renovation of equipment and devices will devastate the budget that you might have fixed. Evite major costs, which are uncomfortable. After you buy the First American home warranty, you can save hundreds of thousands a year easily, and in the long run, it will become more beneficial than this.

Home warranties can save you money

Last year, more than 63% of our home warranty customers filed at least one claim. As a result, First American Home Insurance helped save homeowners more than $180 MILLION DOLLARS in covered repairs and replacements solely. 

What Does the First American Home Warranty include?

On selecting the First American home warranty plans and choices to select from that which best suits the unique needs of your house. Usually, the standard policies include kitchen equipment, boilers, drainage, mechanical, ventilation and more. Usually, available coverage covers pool/spa facilities, washer/dryer, fridge in the kitchen, air conditioning, well filter and more.

Difference between Home Warranty and Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is typically provided by your mortgage insurer and covers your home construction against threats such as harm against adverse climate and burglary, and additional loss arising from equipment failures and computer errors. Home insurance often covers you directly from damages in case someone inadvertently injures your house. You incur a premium rate each time you file a complaint on your mortgage policy which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

First American home warranty covers a lot of the home services and equipment you rely on every day. When these devices and equipment eventually malfunction due to natural wear and tear over time, the First American home warranty is eligible to pay for fixing or removing them. Each time you order service, you must pay a service charge that ranges from $75-$ 100. The benefits do not end here as you can know by calling at the First American Home Warranty Phone Number +1-833-815-6242

How does First American Home Warranty Claim work?

In case you are not aware that how does First American Home Warranty Claim work then you may follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The first and foremost step to purchase the First American Home Warranty is to request service. To request the service you can either sign in by going to the official website of the company to place your request online or you can also call on the First American Home Warranty Phone Number at 1-833-815-6242.
  • Plan an appointment after this. A First American Home Warranty service representative will get in touch with you to plan a mutually convenient appointment.
  • Select your concern for repair or replacement. The service representative will solve the issue and will repair or replace your included element. Easy repairs are usually made at the first rendezvous. Components may need to be ordered in some situations, and further visits may be required to conclude the repair or replacement.

Reasons to purchase First American Home Warranty

The followings are the benefits that you can attain by purchasing the First American home warranty easily:

  • Secure your budget if devices and equipment that are insured fail.
  • Restore or fix the devices and equipment you protect as they fall.
  • Save yourself the stress and inconvenience of locating a trustworthy contractor.
  • Provide access digitally 24/7 or by phone to order claims service

How to get the First American home warranty quote?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to get the quote from First American home warranty:

  • Step 1- To get the quote you must begin by dialing the First American home warranty phone number 1-833-815-6242
  • Step 2- You are free to ask the First American home warranty representative to help you with the Insurance Quote.
  • Step 3- First American home warranty representative will ask you for some personal details to give you the insurance quotes.
  • Step 4- next you have to choose the best suitable First American home warranty plan for yourself and decide the mode of payment.

In case you are looking for more details on the First American home insurance then visit the website or call on the First American home warranty phone number 1-833-815-6242 for the same.

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  • Allie Ousley says:

    Service Request Number: 307470388
    Hello Brandon,
    We are in 3.5 weeks now, are we going to get our dishwasher replaced?
    Can someone please communicate with us?

  • Daniel imbruno says:

    This company is the worst.. I will never use again.. Try getting your a/c fixed if it breaks down will not be covered.. They will find any way not to do any sort of repairs… Stay away… Bad company that will stand behind their word!~ BAD BAD I am also a REALTOR

  • One aggravated customer says:

    Dealing with this so-called warranty company as been the absolute worst experience of my life. Long story short, do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time and money on these crooks.