HP Printer Phone Number

HP Printer Phone Number

Hewlett-Packard, or better known as HP, is the world’s leading provider of printers, laptops, desktops, tablets, notebook, scanners and a lot more. HP operates the technology world in around 170 countries and is known to provide high-end technology solutions to all its customers.

Support & Contact: HP Tech Phone Number

Since its inception, HP has been reinventing the way technology, machines, and people work together. HP printers are of the best in their class and offer the latest in printing technology. Designed to meet your everyday home and office needs, HP printers provide unrivaled performance, dependable professional quality prints, and cost-effective solutions whether you are a high-end business leader or a boot-strapped customer.

HP Printer Support

The company also offers incredible customer support and service for its products. It has numerous customer care centers in every country. From mobility to security to 24×7 uninterrupted customer support, HP skilled technicians and consultants work round the clock to help businesses attain new heights. Whether you need advice while buying a new printing machine or need HP printer support for your existing in-warranty or out-of-warranty product, their customer support team is always at heels to help you make the most of technology. All you have to do is to call your ‘HP SmartFriend’ at HP Printer Tech Phone Number and experts will be readily available to handle all your tech issues and queries regarding any HP printing device.

Benefits of HP printer support

Available around the clock, HP printer support executives can help you:

  • Install, setup, and troubleshoot your home and office printers
  • Configure your printer’s settings straight from the factory
  • Optimize its speed and performance
  • Backup and protect your documents and photos
  • Outsmart hackers, viruses, digital disasters
  • Repair wireless printers and correct all network connection troubles
  • Replace damaged parts, drivers, cartridges and more
  • Give you smart tips and tricks to make the best use of your machine

In short, HP Printer Customer Service can help you manage every stage of your printer’s lifecycle and help keep your business moving around the clock, around the world. So dial HP Printer Tech Phone Number and get in touch with their friendly technicians today.

Still making up your mind?

Want to buy a new HP printer, need HP printer reviews or want further information about HP printer services? Call HP Printer Customer Service Number now and harness the support from the global team of HP technology experts for your entire fleet of HP devices.

List Of All Others Customer Service Phone Numbers Of HP

Shop Online :1-800-278-0182,1-800-278-8100 (SME)
Tech Support for HP Contract holders:1-(800)-633-3600
Sales Inquiries:1-(800)-752-0900
HP Supplies Direct1-(877)-231-4351
hours: Mon to Fri:8:00am – 6:00 p.m. ET
HP Enterprise Software:(800) 407-6185
Order Desk for Product Manuals and Service Parts:1-(800)-227-8164
International Numbers
HP Anguila Customer Service Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am – 10:00 pm EST
HP Antigua Contact Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon- Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Aruba Customer Service Phone Number:800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon- Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Bahamas Contact Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Barbados Customer Service:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Bermuda Toll Free Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP British Virgin Islands Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Cayman Islands Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Dominica Phone Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP French Guiana Number:800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Guyana Contact Number:-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Haití Phone Number:800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Martinica Customer Service Number:877-219-8671
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Nicaragua Phone Number:800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP St. Marteen Phone Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP Trinidad y Tobago Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:Mon-Sun :- 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
HP US Virgin Islands Customer Service Number:1-800-711-2884
Operation hours:8:00 am to 10:00 pm Miami (EST)

source: www8.hp.com/ca/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html

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  • have the printhead error 0xc19a0003 = have removed all ink cartridges; the 6975 model does NOT have a latch as shown on the picture. Have tried a number of things to no avail. Do I need a new printer???

  • Nothing special about the service i got from the hp printer support. The problem i called for was resolved but the support agent voice almost had me sleeping the whole troubleshooting process. He sat there and answered all the questions and queries in a monotone. A very boring and drowsy conversation is what we had

  • Judah Cole says:

    I spend two hours trying to fix my printer offline and seeking help from help forums to find out what could be the possible reason causing it. I have tried everything from reinstalling the drivers to scan softwares to check for the issue. Nothing worked. Finally i contacted the hp printer customer service number and turns out it was the printer hardware that has gone faulty and they send in a onsite technician to my location to fix and replace the part. Great service. Will depend more on the hp technical support than trying to fix things myself in the future. Lol. thanks

  • I have been on the call with the hp tech support for the last one hour and there is still no resolution from their end. My printer is unable to print wireless and the issue is with this printer, not with the WiFi or network connectivity issue.other printers are getting connecting will all the devices except for this printer. As the printer is still under warranty i wanted an exchange for this faulty wireless printer but they are not willing to replaced it unless they check it from their end but this is the 4th time i am calling their phone number on three different occasion and days for the same issue. They are not willing to replace since i can print it using a USB. Horrible support and customer service

  • hp printers are the only printer that i have been using ever since i first purchased one. I am reluctant to purchase other brand printer as i am not sure if i will get the same type of easy to use product and support. Most of my printing involves document printing and very less of other stuffs and till today i have never face any critical problems with any of them. It is just the best products out there and a always available support phone number to contact them in case of emergency. I would definitely recommend hp printers to anyone

  • I have been using HP products for more than 15 years and their product are great. However over the years i have learn that we should not rely on the support. I call the hp tech support phone number but they do not respond, they do not get back to you and no follow up on pending issues.

  • I had an old hp printer which was 12 years old. I could not remember the model number of my printer but it always help me print important documents for my lectures. Few days back the printer stopped working, it gave an error code whenever i tried to print a document. Unable to find the solution, i called up the support number and the technician spend more than an hour on the printer to fix the issue but could not. The issue was due to a hardware problem and the printer needed to be serviced. I gave up on my old printer and purchased a new HP printer. Everything is good now, the new printer prints much faster and the design is sleek and beautiful. And I would like to thank the HP technical support for trying their best to help me out but what can we do when the printer is very old. Thanks to such beautiful experiences, i am and will always be a HP customer.

  • The hp customer support service agents I spoke to where a bit rude and disinterested, I spoke to a couple of different service agents because they all had conflicting information about their stock and availability. However the printer was sent out very quickly, arriving within the 48 business hours promised. The printer had to be returned, as it was way below expectations. Again this was done very quickly and I had printer collected and the refund back in my account within a week of requesting the refund.Bought another printer from them about a month ago. So far, the Printer has been great and is super fast with great image quality

  • I faced some problems trying to install the wireless printer so I used the hp printer support via chat. I let the hp printer support tech take control of my computer as he wanted to see what could be causing the issue. the tech support guy fond the issue right away and instantly fixed it. I have two wireless connection at my home and it was because my computer and the printer was not connected to the same wifi. Thanks for the help

  • I’ve never had to use Hp printer customer support. The printer quality is fine however the quality could be better when printing out pictures even on the “best” quality setting. The printer is inexpensive model, but the ink cartridges are. I have used this printer a lot and never really had any problems with it. this is a 9 year old HP printer and it has still not given up on me after excess use. I love this product

  • Georgia Vail says:

    I am very happy with the quality of the printer for the price I paid for. The printer prints great color images and I got a very long warranty period for this printer, which is what you expect when you pay good price for it. the main reason I am happy with my HP printer is because of the HP printer support. The hp printer support reps are very patient and knowledgeable. My printer had an automatic double sided print function and I did not know how to set the settings for it or how to print it double sided. the manual instructions were too confusing to understand for me so calling the hp printer support phone number was the best option and they help me with it. thank you hp

  • I had a great experience with HP printer technical support. I had a lot of trouble when I purchased the all-in-one printer as I was new to it. the previous hp printer I owned was just a regular printer that prints only documents which I had for more than 13 years. the Hp technical support was great and very patient with my no tech savvy knowledge lol. i got myself some very information and I got it all written down. it has been more than a month and I have gotten quite use to the printer now. Thank you

  • Service was excellent and very professional.

  • I owe a HP laserjet pro and I guess the printer is about 3 years old. Lately there have been many issues with the printer, after upgrading my computer from windows 8 to windows 10; the printer goes offline and comes online whenever it wants to. I have tried my luck contacting the HP customer service support and the issue does seems to get resolve however after a day or two, the same issue pops back up. I believe the issue is with my printer hardware as my other hp printers are working fine wirelessly. The only solution for this problem is that I have to get my computer close to the printer so that I can print my documents and that’s the best I can do with it. otherwise the printer works great and the image quality is very clear. And talking about the HP customer service support reps, they were awesome and funny. They tried their best to fix the problem each time I call. I am happy with the support but disappointed with my HP product.