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Viber Phone Number

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  • masis markabail says:

    viber out phone call record from my phone

    hi i need the out phone call record from my phone to Armenia from jun 2016 to current , my phone number is 818-2693709 i could not recover it from my phone. if there is anyway i will be able to recover it from my account

    please let me know if not if it is possible send me the record i think there is 2 or 3 numbers only.thanks

  • Speedycash says:

    My viber isnot working, it keeps freezing, I am using windows phone. please help.

  • I reseved email viber message i von a 500
    000.00 us $ in the international Balot programe avard.

  • Edgar R. Dinong says:

    I received a viber message:Your number has been selected as the winnner of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (500,000,000 USD) for more information how to claim your funds.Contact: [email protected] com.

    What is this please advise.

    Thank you very much.

  • There is an issue with my viber video calling. The sound quality is distorted when i use it, other video calling apps has no problem with this. It is only happening for my viber video calling. I love using the app but i am now forced to use another app for my video calling. I have tried the Viber support but there is no response from their end. What should i do?

  • My Viber number 0096590025607

  • Nisanthan Pakkiyaras says:

    Please check on that sir. My mobile 00971529221600 I’m reseved this Your number has been selected as the winner of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (500.000.00USD)in the International Ballot award programme. Send your winning Verification No: VB/US-64634579. to email:
    [email protected] for more information on how to claim your funds. Contact:
    [email protected] for more inquiries.