AOL Explorer Phone Number

AOL Explorer Phone Number

AOL Explorer, previously known as AOL Browser, is a free-to-use graphical web browser that has been developed by AOL as a stand-alone application. The browser is based on the Microsoft Trident layout engine and was released in July 2005. AOL Explorer offers a plenty of fun, friendly, and useful features that aim to enhance your web browsing experience. These include tabbed browsing, desktop search, AOL Mail, AOL Instant Messenger, thumbnail tab pop-ups, RSS widgets, and many more.

AOL Explorer has a sleek user interface that makes the browser look uncluttered and attractive, in spite of the presence of a number of side panels, tabs, and various other navigation tools. AOL Explorer users can take the advantage of Internet Explorer– compatible plugins, but the browser does not support any other third-party plug-ins, including the ones offered by Google.

AOL offers comprehensive help and support to all its users through its AOL Explorer technical support number . Users can dial the 1800 helpline number to get in touch with AOL expert technicians and get professional help for all AOL browser related issues. The expert technicians can help you make an easy transition to AOL Explorer and fix all issues for a hassle-free browsing experience.

Features of AOL Explorer

Some of the distinguishing features of AOL Explorer include:

  • A new user-centric interface
  • Startup and tabbed browsing options
  • New menu items added
  • Enhanced security settings
  • Save ‘Open Tabs as Folder’ feature available
  • 5-button mouse support
  • 24X7 offline help via AOL Explorer customer service number
  • Desktop Search available
  • A useful slide-out side panel added

Why choose AOL Explorer?

Some of the top reasons to choose AOL Explorer over other browsers include:

    • AOL Explorer is the only browser that offers integrated desktop-search capabilities without any plugins.


    • It offers various additional security features for complete online safety and protection.


    • AOL Explorer offers a nifty thumbnail preview when you hover over any tab. Since each tab has its own “close” button, you need not switch to a page to close it. This is one feature that’s not available in any other browser except Opera.


    • AOL Explorer features a useful selection of side panels – fly-out mini windows that provide quick access to favorites, RSS feeds, AOL content channels, AOL Mail, and more.


    • AOL Explorer offers comprehensive support to enhance user experience. Users can dial AOL Explorer support phone number and get unwavering levels of assistance from its expert technicians for an error-free browsing experience.

Get in touch

Want to get started with AOL Explorer? Call AOL Explorer Customer Service Number and schedule an appointment with an expert. AOL expert professionals can take you through all the latest AOL Explorer changes, resolve all issues that you might be facing, and ensure that you have a pleasant browsing session.

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