Brave Browser Phone Number

Brave Browser Phone Number


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  • Gregory Grymes says:

    I recently had to replace my hard drive. After doing so I can access all of the websistes and apps except Facebook. What is wrong.

  • John Ross says:

    Again I am having problems installing Brave onto Ubuntu – this time Ubuntu 20.04 (the latest). I follow your instructions on, but I keep getting error messages in terminal when I try to update brave. Ubuntu doesnt like brave stable main at all. the error message was “malformed entry 1 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release.list (component). The list of sources could not be read”.

    I had the exact same problem installing brave in ubuntu 19.10.

    Please can you update your installation process and correct this?

  • caleb brummett says:

    For what I’ve seen I like brave been the best browser I’ve used yet except my screwup so I need some help resetting my brave browser [email protected] thank you any help would be appreciated Rating: 5

  • caleb brummett says:

    I need the browse somehow I made it so it deleted everything it does not bookmark anything and it took all my bookmarks away

  • David Coggeshall says:

    We would like to contact Brendon Eich directly to describe our public service initiative and Workforce Training in Javascript.
    David Coggeshall
    San Francisco Communications
    Golden Gate Safety Network
    79 Rossi Avenue, SF CA 94118
    415 387-8760
    [email protected]

  • Dr. Md. Ariful Islam. says:

    I used crome browser for a long time. There was an option for printing documents from mobile with the cloud printer in chrome’s setting and print away app in mobile. Please add cloud printer in your browser settings. Thank you for your fast and ads free browser.

  • Nathan Raabe says:

    I just started using a month ago and when eligible i collected my tokens but it has quit sending me ads . I’ve had good luck and don’t like my info getting used so want to keep using this.

  • Brave is good.But its crazy that what i can get with Chrome (same extentions!) i cant with Brave.I cant access to my accounts!!!!! A message tell me its due to cookies.But i admit all cookies and its same.Then i must have 2 browser.Its not crazy?

  • Jim-Mary SCHAFFNER says:

    How do the program icons get on the home page screen? I can easily see how to remove them, but can’t find how to add them.

  • howard philipson says:

    I set up BRAVE just to see what it looked like. I wanted to eliminate any association with GOOGLE. #1, your browser does not do so and #2, my ‘favorites’, which I imported from FIREFOX, were lined up across the 2nd from top tool bar instead of packed for opening vertically. I do not want ANOTHER CHROME. I want a browser disassociated with GOOGLE, CHROME, and any other corporation that discriminates at will. I do not want to associate with a liberal, partisan Democrat corporation. I will keep what I have, but thank you anyways. I am certain that you all understand that many of these sites are blocking Conservative viewpoints.

  • Starseed jD says:

    YouTube now has ads I am wanting to know what about brave being an ad blocking browser that I love. But why now. Why you guys change? I might as well use their app now. 🙁 fucking hate YouTube ads

  • I just installed version (0.58.18).
    I can’t log in to eBay. It won’t let me get past the ‘Help us protect your account’ page.

    I just went back to the older version of Brave until someone provides an answer.

  • Why is YouTube allowed to play ads on brave browser now. Never did I have to watch ads but now it seems brave doesnt care about its users anymore. Why you guy change???

  • Deon Opperman says:

    In your guidelines you say that one can install the 1Password extension for the new Brave browser by clicking on the “Add to Brave” button in the 1Password page of the Chrome Web Store. Problem is – there is no “Add to Brave” button there. Only an “Add to Chrome” button.

    Please advise.

  • Like the browser so far. One minor question: on the default home page is it possible to display the time in the upper right corner in military time? My computer is set to do this, but the AM/PM style is on the webpage.

  • Jim Weaver says:

    (Linux Mint 19 Tara) I recently updated Brave using the Update Manager as I was notified there was an update. The old version installed was 0.25.2-1. The new version installed is 0.26.0. The icon in my system panel is grey and there is a message bar near the top of the browser that says: “This version of Brave is no longer supported and will not be updated. See instructions to upgrade to the latest version”. I have the latest version installed, so what is the problem? How do I make this message go away and the system panel icon turn back to red? Thanks for your support and help. Jim

  • Steven Woodard says:

    I have been using Brave on my Windows 10 computer for some time. I recently moved to a Linux Mint OS. Brave works great on the Linux Mint platform. My problem is that I am unable to login to my Brave account.

    Can you provide me with details as to how I can log in to my Brave Browser account so I can start using the Brave Rewards.

    Kind Regards

    Steve Woodard

  • Dear Sirs and Madams

    I have inadvertently opted that my Brave browser automatically saves and inserts the password of one of my protonmail accounts.

    Have you got an idea how I could undo this action?

    Thank you in advance for your interest and kind regards