Mozilla Firefox Phone Number

Mozilla Firefox Phone Number

Mozilla Firefox is known to be one of the leading Web browsers used by most people worldwide. The browser is known for its add-on features, which makes it one of the standard browsers, so far. Though, Firefox is easy to use due to its self-explanatory format, but it does come with several issues. Customers who are facing the issues while operating the browser can contact the Mozilla Firefox Tech support department.

Customer support executive will solve the issue

From many, the most common issues faced by the users are download and installation error, unable to access the bookmarked websites, facing difficulty in managing the add-ons and settings, etc. Users can check out the Mozilla Firefox support phone number and talk with the representative for the possible solution.

The executive will provide handy support to the user and make him contended with the efficient and qualitative solutions for the errors.

Ask for quick assistance

Though, the Firefox web portal is available for the users to mark their query with the technical department, it’s always easy to dial the Mozilla Firefox phone number and talk with the technician, right away. This is a better way to make your error acknowledged and receive quick assistance.

Check out the reviews as well!

If you are facing trouble in using the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can dial the support number, i.e. .

In addition to the contact number, customers can reach the tech support department via Mozilla Firefox reviews, wherein they can lodge their complaints or suggestions and even post feedback about the browser.

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  • jim lennon says:

    I want to again use Firefox (gone since google started) and get away from google but Firefox is so damn confusing. send me to ‘Firefox for Dummies’. not coming back if I can’t use it.

  • John Gillis says:

    It has been years since I have had the need to get support for Firefox. When I tried to connect to its forum I got asked for my user name and password. I just can’t remember either of the two. Is there any way I can recover them?

    Since I last connected I have change my ISP and my email address accordingly. Thank might be my problem.

    Will really appreciate any help you can give me.

    Thank you.